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5321 CCC - All Other
Resolved  12/28/2012 5:32:29 PM  1/2/2012 7:54:00 AM  1/7/2013 12:24:00 PM  03 Days 
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Bumper Prompt
CCC offers a choice when refinishing any bumper cover ( will it be refinished as a seperate proceedure? )yes or no.
Allstate has taken the position that the answer should be no.
This is a .6 refinish deduction and a .2 major overlap deduction on all Allstate bumper claims if any other part or area of the car is being refinished. With material allowance deduction depending on labor rates it\'s about $60 deduction per repair, This is on ALL makes and models.
I contacted CCC and they say Allstate is wrong, the question is basicly on or off the car.
IP Explanation
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Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
According to the “Guide to Estimating,” page G36, “any component clear coated as a separate procedure,” is not included. If the Bumper Cover requires a different clear coat mix because of flex additives, a separate procedure is required. This holds true for the majority of flexible components and recommended refinishing techniques.

However, some paints have flex additives built into the paint mix. Some types of Bumper Covers do not require flex additives. Additionally, some repairers choose to refinish components that do not require flex additives in a single, continuous procedure along with the Bumper Cover.

The answer is dependent on the paint, the component, OEM procedures, paint manufacturer recommendations, and the repairers approach to refinishing the Bumper Cover.
An “on the spot” evaluation and is best left up to the judgment of the estimators.

No changes required.