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Clear Coat Extension
uniside, roof, etc.

How does Audatex calculate "extension of clear". Example of a quarter panel repair, no color applied to any panel other than quarter, but there is no break point on the roof rail, roof, opposite quarter etc. Clear coat must be extended "up and over". CCC and Mitchell basically use blend time (one is 40%, the other is 50% of the refinish time). I have been unable to find a defined formula in Audatex.

Varies, not an issue only with this model car.

Please provide a defined formula for extending the clear to end of the nearest panel. With the time to normally included to prepare the panel, I believe blend time is appropriate as very little time is actually used for color application on a blend panel, it is primarily prep time and clear coat application.
IP Explanation
Audatex does not support a clear coat only formula. In instances where the adjacent panels would require clear coat only due to the body construction, the user may select either the full refinish allowance or the blend refinish allowance, or create a manual entry for the operation they wish to accomplish. It would be up to the discretion and judgment of the professional estimate preparer to determine which operation best suits their repair situation.